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Táve Buyback

Táve Buyback

We're excited to announce that Táve is once again an independent company!

Táve was created back in 2006 by Adrian Ziemkowski and Jason Pirkey. Thirteen years later, in 2019, the co-founders sold Táve to their friends at ShootProof. Not long after the acquisition, ShootProof decided to change course and focus not on a growing family of applications and services, but on what matters most to ShootProof—their core gallery service. Luckily, Adrian was in a position to make an offer to buy Táve back.

After a series of long overdue internal housekeeping projects, including a new subscription system and major database upgrades, we look forward to delivering some of your most requested features, such as tipping, scheduling, and unassisted booking. We've even launched a new roadmap and idea tracker to make sure we're doing right by you.

In addition to our existing full-time team, we're proud to share that Rachael Dudziak will be joining us as Principal UX Designer. She'll be helping us overcome our history of engineer-driven development and making Táve more usable and approachable than ever.

The future of Táve is bright!

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Posted on 
November 7, 2022

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