July 2022 Product Update

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July 2022 Product Update

July 2022 Product Update

This month we have a few updates we’d like to share with you, both to the Client Portal and to the Calendar. We have a handful of updates to cover, so let’s dive in! 

What’s improved? 

Client Portal - Based on feedback around the Client Portal, we’ve made it easier for clients to access it and the key resources it houses. These updates should help you save time, stay focused, and improve the clients' experience:

  • We’ve simplified the process of sending an invite to the Client Portal
  • There’s a new “Password Creation Flow” that lets you more easily see when clients are creating a Portal login password
  • There’s a new “Password Reset Flow” that gives clients the option to reset their password on their own, bypassing any need for you to stop what you’re doing and manually reset it for them!

Calendar - Busy businesses make for busy calendars, so we’ve made some improvements to the calendar view for a more intuitive experience.

Now, it’s easier to see at a glance which events are tentative vs. which are confirmed

Tentative vs. Confirmed Events in Tave

Event Previews now display on the right side of your screen so they don’t hide other events on your calendar

Event Previews in Tave

Hovering over events will auto display the Event Preview, and the preview can be locked by clicking the event

Hover Preview Gif

Event Preview Locking

And double clicking the event on desktop will shortcut you to the event’s edit page

Double Click Preview in Tave

What’s new?

Client Portal - Additionally, you now have two new template types to build email templates and automations around, so you can better customize and control the client experience:

  1. Client Portal Invitation
  2. Client Portal Password Reset

See the new email template here >

We’ve also modernized the look of the login box: 

Portal Login Box in Tave

And added a “Send Portal Invite” button to the Client Portal tile on the contact page to make inviting clients to the Portal even easier.  Use it to draft an email using the new Client Portal Invitation email template.

There’s also a new “More Actions” dropdown where you can reset the password or disable the portal for a contact:

More Actions in Tave

We hope these latest updates will help set you and your clients up for success!


- Layne & The Táve Team

Need help getting things set up? Emailing our Support Team at support@Táve.com.

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July 8, 2022

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