December Updates

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December Updates

December Updates

As the year drew to a close, the team remained focused on scheduling. While the bulk of these changes will be released very soon, there were some improvements that made it out in the month of December.

Scheduling Automations

Event Bookings can now be observed by Automations! You can select "Booking › Event Scheduled Online" from the list of Observing options when creating or editing an Automation, and doing so will run the automation any time an Event Booking is made. If you would prefer the Automation to run only when the Event Booking is confirmed, just check the option that reads "Wait for event to be confirmed"!

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Unassisted Booking is Almost Here

As mentioned above, most of December was dedicated to working on a highly requested feature enhancement - adding quotes to bookable events. This work is in the final stages and will be released very soon. Keep an eye out for the announcement in the next couple of days.

Scheduling and Beyond

As we continue into the new year, scheduling will remain the immediate priority. The team is working on ACH and a public API, and is about to start work on Mini Sessions, which will allow you to schedule multiple time slots in a series. Discovery work has also begun on several highly requested feature updates. Be on the lookout for opportunities to help in the research of those in the coming months.

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Posted on 
January 2, 2024

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