February Updates

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February Updates

February Updates

The team took full advantage of the leap year. Read on to find out what the team released in February.

Custom SMTP Servers

You can now add your own custom SMTP server to send email through your own mail server. This gives you or your mail provider full control over SPF, PTR, and DKIM settings. If you are currently using our legacy mail server, make sure you go to your mail settings to set up a custom SMTP server. This will improve email deliverability over our current non-Gmail system, especially in light of recent updates by Google, Yahoo, and others.

Learn more about adding a custom SMTP Server

Settings Cleanup

We made several changes to the settings page to make finding things even easier. 

  • Email Signatures: Email Signatures have moved to Branding settings in the Look & Feel section. You'll find the Email Signature in the same place on all of your additional brands too.  Goodbye Additional Brand Settings!
  • Email Settings: Email settings have moved to the new Mail Settings page, where you can also set up Custom SMTP servers!
  • Calendar Settings: You can now manage your calendar settings, feeds, subscriptions and integrations in one place.
  • Gallery Integrations: Gallery integrations now have their own page. Make sure to vote on what additional integrations you would like to see in Upvoty.
  • New API Integrations Page: Manage and add new Zapier integrations for your account.

Learn more about what changed

Cancel and Reschedule Bookable Events

Another major scheduling update was released this month. You can now allow your clients to reschedule or cancel bookable events with you. You will find this feature under the Notifications & Permissions section of your bookable events.

Learn more about bookable events

What’s next

A Public API

Advanced users have long asked for a way to interact more programmatically with their Táve account. Our new API, which already powers our Zapier integration, will allow custom direct two-way integration with other software.

ACH Payments

A highly requested feature is coming soon! ACH payments will be added as an additional client payment method for both Stripe and Square.

Mini Sessions

The team has begun working on the mini sessions scheduling feature. This will allow you to easily create single or multiple day sessions with a set number of time slots that can be scheduled by your clients.

Notification Updates

Táve account notifications will be moving from brand to user-specific. This will allow every user on your account to set their own notification preferences. This will better set us up for when we release SMS notifications in the future.

You can follow along and find more information about what's coming next by viewing the Táve Roadmap.

Learn more about event channels in Táve
Posted on 
March 14, 2024

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