January Updates

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January Updates

January Updates

The start of the new year brought several exciting updates to Táve. Read on to find out what the team released in January.

Full Unassisted Booking Now Available

Booking events with your clients is more robust than ever. Many of the outstanding feature enhancements are now available in the scheduling beta.

These include:
  • You can now use a quote for a bookable event's booking process.
  • If the quote's payment schedule requires payment upon booking, the lead and bookable event won't be booked until payment is processed or promised.
  • Contacts, leads, quotes, questionnaires, and contracts are now created and completed during the scheduling flow, giving you the opportunity to reach out to stale bookings.
  • We've created two new Lead Statuses: "Scheduling In Progress" and "Scheduling: Stale", which you can use to auto-close stale leads.
  • A lead that was created during the scheduling process has a new "Scheduling In Progress" box so you can monitor your client's progress.
  • The scheduling confirmation page now includes a link to a PDF of the contract, if included in the booking process.
  • The scheduling confirmation page also now includes links to the sales order and payment receipt if booked with a quote.
  • Added new job.created_by_bookable_event and target.created_by_bookable_event tokens for use in automations.
  • The availability editor now allows you to pick which event types create conflicts when generating time slots for bookable events. This was previously listed as "Coming Soon" in the editor.
  • You can now specify a custom redirect URL for when an event is booked.
  • You can customize this on a bookable event's Notifications & Permissions editor.

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What’s next

Custom SMTP Server

If you don't use our two-way Google Mail integration, you'll soon be able to use your own custom SMTP server for outgoing mail messages. This feature will improve deliverability over our current non-Gmail system, especially in light of recent updates by Google, Yahoo, and others.

More Scheduling Updates

But wait there’s more! Additional scheduling features are still being worked on. These include permission settings that will allow your clients to reschedule and cancel booked events with you, as well as, the addition of a mini sessions workflow.

A Public API

Advanced users have long asked for a way to interact more programmatically with their Táve account. Our new API, which already powers our Zapier integrations, will allow custom direct two-way integration.

ACH Payments

A highly requested feature is coming soon. ACH payments will be added as an additional client payment method for both Stripe and Square.

You can follow along and find more information about what's next by viewing our Táve Roadmap.

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Posted on 
February 9, 2024

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