Unassisted Booking Beta is Here!

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Unassisted Booking Beta is Here!

Unassisted Booking Beta is Here!

We are thrilled to share a huge scheduling update with you! You can now add quotes to your bookable events. This has been a huge request since the release of scheduling and we are excited to bring this to you in the new year.

Some of the highlights of this new addition include:

Streamlined Booking Process
With Bookable Quotes, we've simplified the booking process for both you and your clients. Now, you can create and share quotes directly within our scheduling system, making it easier than ever for clients to confirm events at their convenience.

Easy Transition for Existing Quotes:
Already using Quotes? No worries! The addition has been designed with you in mind. Your existing quotes seamlessly transition into the scheduling system, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your clients.

Accept Payment Upfront

Whether you want an initial retainer or payment in full, you can now require payment prior to your client being able to schedule an event with you. 

How to add a quote to a bookable event

  1. Edit or create a new bookable event
  2. If editing an existing bookable event, edit the booking process. You will now be able to select an existing quote or create a new one from the dropdown menu. If this is a new bookable event, you will do the same when you get to the booking process portion of the creation process.
  3. Save or finish setting up your bookable event. When your clients go to schedule that bookable event type, they will go through the quote booking process associated with the quote you selected

*Please note: If you have a questionnaire(s) or contract(s) attached to the quote, these will be included in the booking process.

For more information, check out our Help Article here:


As always, your feedback is essential to us. We believe this update will redefine how you approach appointments and bookings, and we can't wait to hear about your experiences.

Be on the lookout for more scheduling updates as we transition into the new year (looking at you mini sessions).

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Posted on 
January 4, 2024

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