March Updates

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March Updates

March Updates

March has been a whirlwind of excitement for us as we continued working on upcoming projects and flew out to Vegas to attend this year's WPPI conference. Continue reading below to see what we've been up to.

A Public API

Advanced users have long asked for a way to interact more programmatically with their Táve account. Our new API, which already powers our Zapier integration, allows custom direct two-way integration with other software.

Learn more about the Public API Feature

What’s next

ACH Payments

A highly requested feature is being released in the next couple of weeks! ACH payments will be added as an additional client payment method for both Stripe and Square. ACH payments offer a low cost way for you to collect online payment from your clients.

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions should be wrapping up within the next month. This scheduling enhancement will easily allow you to set a date(s) with limited time slots that can be scheduled by your clients. Be on the lookout for the feature release soon!

Notification Updates

Táve account notifications will be moving from brand to user-specific. This will allow every user on your account to set their own notification preferences. This will better set us up for when we release SMS notifications in the future.

You can follow along and find more information about what's coming next by viewing the Táve Roadmap.

Learn more about event channels in Táve
Posted on 
April 5, 2024

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